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Sunday - Thursday 8:30-18:00 Friday and Holiday evenings 8:00-13:00
Approximately one hour prior to closing, receiving vehicles based on free space


Measuring engine suppliers

  • The world's leading domino in Italian Bapro
  • Measuring engine suppliers for improved vehicles and sports cars
  • Precise measurement of the power transmitted to the road
  • Adapted to 4X4 vehicles

Front facing computer for vehicles

  • Direction of axes by the world's leading home appliance hunter
  • Approval and orientation of vehicle axles that failed a licensing test
  • Axle orientation after tire erosion / replacement
  • Directional axles for a vehicle that veers (pulls) while traveling
  • Car axles direction after accident

Computerized vehicle inspection before buying

  • Chassis and vehicle inspection
  • Checking color repairs and replacing parts
  • Engine, chalk and propulsion system inspection
  • Computerized Compression Test
  • Check the integrity of all vehicle systems

We will be happy to provide you with the best service

Car Examiners, a unique testing institute of its kind founded in 2015 and set up with the goal of providing a complete and appropriate response to our customers, in one of their most important transactions today is car purchase.

The institute carries out computerized vehicle tests before buying, measuring engine suppliers (dyno) and front directions (axles).
At the unique and advanced technological equipment institute of the best and most reputed companies in the world and in the automotive industry.
The equipment was selected and approved for use by high-end automakers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Mazarty and more.
The Institute has extensive experience in testing all types of vehicles, and specializes in premium vehicles, luxury vehicles, jeeps, sports cars and improved vehicles.
The Institute and examiners are courteous and have a great deal of professional knowledge and rich experience, with the aim of giving you the best service experiences.
The Institute is licensed and approved by the Ministry of Transport


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