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Computerized vehicle inspection before buying

Buying a car is considered one of the most expensive and important deals for most people and is a process that is accompanied by many concerns and difficulties.

The uncertainty before buying a used car always exists because it is a vehicle that has spent some time on the road and the maintenance and handling of the vehicle has been entrusted to foreign people.

Whether we are proficient or not in the automotive world, it is important for us to be quiet and know whether the vehicle we want to buy is actually safe and secure for our loved ones.

In addition to car safety and safety, it is also important for us to get a full indication of the state of the vehicle and whether it is necessary to invest in such or other repairs that often affect its actual price.

To do so, it is always advisable and advisable to do a pre-purchase check for the vehicle we are interested in purchasing, prior to purchase.
Our institute and our testing team will be happy to help you with the car purchase process and perform a comprehensive and accurate inspection of the vehicle you wish to purchase so that you can purchase it peacefully and without worry.

We will provide you with a professional and detailed opinion on the vehicle and its assemblies, whether it is engine and chalk integrity, propulsion and / or 4X4 system, chassis and chassis, paint repairs, parts replacements and more.

At the conclusion of the vehicle inspection, you will receive a detailed and personal explanation by the vehicle examiner, in a courteous and clear language about all the test findings and defects found.

You will also receive all test results in a uniform summary form according to the Ministry of Transport instructions.
Quite a number of times we come across people who, in the heat of the moment, gave up the test before purchasing the vehicle and found after a while that the vehicle they purchased had many defects that were not brought to their attention at the time of purchase.

We recommend that you do not give up on the vehicle before purchasing, as it is the end of the day that you are buying and investing in for the best of your money.


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