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Поставщики измерительных двигателей (кВт) со свободным ускорением

A dynamometer that gives birth allows you to quickly and easily diagnose faults and defects in a vehicle that are not detected except while traveling.

The dynamometer is actually a "road simulator". Testing engine suppliers:

The test is done according to the engine power (kW) and the torque.

Power losses in the gearbox include the simulation of the loss by a graph displayed on the screen.

Differences between the desired engine power and the tested one.

Measuring power at a constant speed.

Simulate driving on a road in various road conditions such as mountainous conditions, including the gear shift effect.

Acceleration test that allows the acceleration time to be measured between 0 mph per desirable speed.

Check the vehicle's odometer (speedometer) compared to the dynamometer's varied graphical displays of vehicle performance.

Exhaust gas diagnostic combination - 4 gases, or diesel smoke gauge while running the vehicle on the dynamometer.

Adapted to 4X4 vehicles